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Brilliant Porn FuckBook Video Christian conrad In todays scene two of our favorites return after long absences: Evan (Kadens Recruit) and Diego both return and I pair them up with Boyd. This three-way is one to remember as the guys really have fun with one another and things get so heated until all hell breaks loose and it ends up in a sandwich fuck with Evan fucking Diego while Boyd eases in to top Evan. This was a great trio to put together and after watching the scene Im sure youll be in agreement. Evan is looking better than ever and Diego is hot, horny and ready for action. He said before he made the trip that he was looking very forward to this weekend of bromine. I think he got exactly what he came for.Things kick off with the guys sitting in the living room shooting the shit. I talk to Diego and Evan and welcome them back. Theyre both all smiles and you can tell theyve been looking forward to this right up until this moment. Boyd is all smiles, too. 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